Mnemosyne xml files for Japanese 58.

To use
1) Select the file you wish to use.  This will open as an XML file in your browser.
2) Use the browser File->"Save Page as" to save the XML file to the directory and file name of your choice.
3) open Mnemosyne.
4) select File->Import
5) in "Import from File" dialog select  XML
6) in "Import from File" dialog use brouse to select your XML file.

In the Mnemsoyne Database->Activate Catagories dialog you will find 3 new catagories for each XML file you import.  These will be "hiragana english", "kanji english" and "hiragana kanji."  By default all catagories are active.  Deactivate any you don't want to study.

Current files:
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 13