This page contains miscellaneous tools I found useful for learning Japanese.  The tools on this page were developed while I was taking Japanese 50a, 50b and 58a at the Santa Rosa Junior College here in Santa Rosa, CA.

Flash cards on this page are 1.5 by 3 inches. They are designed to be cut along lines on each sheet and have a hole punched in them, then attached toghether with a key ring. The cards below are available from and I found them to be very useful.

In some cases the pages are divided into Kanji and Canna cards. In these cases, the cards use Canna as one side and Kanji as the other.

All these pages were created in Adobe PDF (Portable Data Format).  The reader is available from Adobe for free.  See the link at the bottom of the page if you need it. I have tested these on Acrobat versions 5 and 6. In most cases, your browser is already configured to handle .pdf files and you can just load and print directly. Please let me know of any problems.

Steve S.
This is a page on Japanese Counters. It has many of the common counters in Hiragana and Kanji. I've tried to organize the information in such a way that's easy to find the counters and so that exceptions to the common pronounciation patterns are obvious.

Various flash cards for Japanese 58 for use with the Mnemosyne memorization tool.

This paper on yujikokugo (4 character idiomatic expressions) was an assignment for Japanese 58 in Fall of 2006
Nihongo 58 Chapter 7 Flash Cards
Various PDF files I found useful

Flash cards for learning various words used for family.
This is a list of family words and their translations in Hiragana and Kanji.

This is a set of flashcards with canna and kanji with words for counting people.

This is a set of flashcards with the days of the week in Kanji. It's meant to be used like a calander with days in english on one side and in Nihongo on the other.
The Japanese page and The English page

This is a list of true adjectives in Hiragana and Kanji with English translations.

And this is a set of flashcards for the true adjectives with Hiragana on one side and English Translations on the other.

Likewise, here is a list of na-adjectives as both a list with Hiragana and Kanji with English translations and a set of flash cards with Hiragana on one side and English Translations on the other.

This is a list of basic verbs in Hiragana, Kanji and with English translations and here is the set of flash cards in Hiragana with English translations.

This is a vocabulary list for Japanese 50b that has Hiragana, Kanji and translations in English.

This is a list of common signs in kanji and canna.
This is flashcards of the list list of common signs in kanji and canna.
These are Hiragana/Katakana flash cards. They have Hiragana and the romanji pronounciation on on side and the corresponding Katakana on the other.
Links to useful commercial tools

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